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Stainless steel surface processing grade

Source: Jiangsu Sturway New Materials  Time:2020-03-17

  Original surface: NO.1 The surface treated with heat treatment and pickling after hot rolling. Generally used for cold-rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industry equipment, etc., thicker from 2.0MM-8.0MM.

  Passive surface: NO.2D is heat treated and pickled after cold rolling. Its material is soft and its surface has a silvery white luster. It is used for deep drawing processing, such as automotive components, water pipes, etc.

  Matte: NO.2B After cold rolling, it is heat treated, pickled, and then finished by rolling to make the surface moderately bright. Because the surface is smooth and easy to be reground, the surface is brighter and has a wide range of uses, such as tableware and building materials. With surface treatments that improve mechanical properties, they are suitable for almost all applications.

  Grit NO.3 is a product ground with a 100-120 abrasive belt. It has better gloss and discontinuous rough lines. Used for building interior and exterior decoration materials, electrical products and kitchen equipment.

  Fine sand: NO.4 The product is ground out with a particle size of 150-180. Has better gloss, has discontinuous rough lines, and stripes are thinner than NO.3. Used in baths, decorative materials inside and outside buildings, electrical products, kitchen equipment and food equipment.

  # 320 The product is ground with a No. 320 abrasive belt. It has better gloss, discontinuous rough lines, and finer stripes than NO.4. For baths, building interior and exterior decoration materials, electrical products, kitchen equipment and food equipment.

  Wool surface HAIRLINE: HLNO.4 is produced by continuous grinding of a suitable size polishing belt with a grinding pattern (subdivision 150-320). Mainly used for building decoration, elevators, building doors, panels, etc.

  Bright surface: The product obtained by bright annealing after cold rolling and smoothing. The surface gloss is excellent and has a high reflectivity. Like mirror surface. Used in home appliances, mirrors, kitchen equipment, decorative materials, etc.

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